Novels by Nancy Lanni

Ysabet I book cover 6 X 9Ysabet I: The Two-Edged Sword: Ysabet was raised outside the telepathic community, and for years she has struggled to repress her empathic abilities. She fears unscrupulous people who would use her talents for their own purposes. When she meets a telepath, she learns that even those she loves would exploit her. How much will she yield to keep her family?  What part does fate have to play in her life?

Darren’s gift is prescience.  He sees a disturbing future that he fears he cannot change. How can he challenge fate, which would deny him family and friends?

Ewen, Lord Elzevir wields great power.  He expects to control.  Surely an empath, whose nature dictates that she yield to the desires of others, will not be difficult to manipulate.


Ysabet II: Serian Revenge: Ysabet, Lady Elzevir and her son Lord Mikhail were raised in the Terran Community of Worlds. Now they struggle to adjust to life on the closed-world of Ser, a world without sophisticated technology or modern healthcare, a world where men often settle disputes with a sword.

The Terrans want to bring Ser into the modern age. They are pressuring the High Lord of Ser to hasten the transition, but he knows he holds a major bargaining chip, a growing telepathic population. The Terrans want these men and women for interplanetary communications. When Terran business interests seduce the High Lord’s son into a power struggle, it sparks rebellion among the younger telepaths and the merchant class.

As members of a telepathic family, the Elzevirs become entangled in the web of politics. Do they answer the challenge with force of arms and take Serian revenge?

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Ysabet III: Serian Senator: When the High Lord of Ser requests Ysabet Elzevir’s service as Senator to the Terran Community of Worlds, she cannot refuse and keep her credibility: no Serian is more suited to that role. But powerful influences seek to manipulate the telepath … or destroy her.

Her son, Mikhail, struggles to overcome the loss of a dear friend. Following his heart’s desire will expose him to further personal and emotional pain. As a man of honor, he must defend his mother and obey his Lord Father’s dictates. Will love and friendship elude him here as well?

A bitter past burdens Alan Randall, Ysabet’s guardsman, but to protect her, he must redefine himself and risk stepping into an emotional maelstrom from which he might never recover.

YsabetIV-front cover

Ysabet IV: The Bonding of Elzevir is the story of the second generation of the House of Elzevir. Darren, Ewen’s son by Ysabet, returns to Ser after completing his education only to find it more than a little difficult to readjust to Serian customs and restrictions.

Elena, Ysabet’s daughter by the Guardsman, goes to Terra to live with her grandfather while she attends the university. Her personality and experiences lead her on a different path from her brothers. Mikhail,

Ysabet’s eldest son, Mikhail, has a task to perform on Terra, and he determines to complete it and return to Ser as quickly as he can. Thomi,

Ewen’s eldest son by Leila is untitled. His Lord Father risks all that is most precious to him to see that his future is secured.


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